Change Your Choices, Change Your Result
How often do we keep doing the same thing in hopes of a different result but to our disappointment, we get the same result? We assume this is a sign that we need to push harder, so we keep pushing hoping we will be met with different results. But we are disappointed when we are met with the same.

We have to do more than wish for a different outcome, we have to want it. We have to change our perspectives and beliefs to garner different results. You have to evaluate if what you want is aligned with your thoughts. For change to take place, it has to be intentional as it doesn’t happen by accident.

Many times it’s our beliefs that limit us. Everything that is said to us or done to us becomes our limiting beliefs and we start living our lives by those. To change those beliefs, the key lies in fixing our mindset which controls how we see something. It’s that change in mindset that changes the feeling, which works on the thought, which works on what you do, and eventually that gets us to new results.

To change those limiting beliefs, we have to start with the mindset. So what is the one thing you think you know is true about you and let's work on crushing and crumbling it?

Once you have that figured out, say a sentence that is opposite of that. So for example, if you think "I am not a good cook", let’s turn that into a positive and say "I am a phenomenal cook" or "I am a great cook". Include the words "I AM", followed by a positive description. Now repeat the sentence with the new belief over and over. Awareness of that self-limiting belief gives us the power to break that loop and help propel forward the choices we make to eventually change the results we want.